Tennis + Traffic Light System

Information on where we are at with the Traffic Light System as at 25 November 2021

Sport NZ are holding a sector update this Friday lunchtime. They are close to having their guidance ready for community sport and are working really hard for the whole sport sector. Tennis NZ will then be hard at work translating as much as possible for tennis, so that we can get some guidance out that makes sense for our sport during the week of 29th November.

We understand how hard it is for club committees trying to navigate the changes and understanding around the new framework and vaccinations. The whole country is in the same position at the moment, with only a few sectors (like events and hospitality) knowing what their frameworks look like.

Thank you for your patience while we understand the implications of the traffic light system for tennis.  We are not sure if we will have all the answers to every single question on activity and vaccinations, but hope to have a lot more clarity. Please refer to our covid updates here

Noho ora mai, Tennis NZ

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