As everyone is aware, the country moved to the traffic light system on Friday, 3 rd December.

 The committee has had mixed views on the best option forward for Cockle Bay Tennis Club but after the overwhelming feedback from members and taking into consideration other users of our facility such as squash, pro shop, bar, physio and message therapist, we have made the decision to align to only allowing fully vaccinated (Double vaccinated) players and players aged younger than 12-years & 3-months access to the clubhouse, online court bookings and club events with effect from Friday, 17 December 2021. 

The feedback from members:
-Fully vaccinate 82%
-Unsure/Hybrid Model 12%
-Against Vaccine Pass 6%

We do realize that the choice to get vaccinated or not is a personal one and we respect that completely. However, for us to open our facility and operate in a “normal manner”, vaccinations are the recommended way for us to meet our obligations in a way that reduces the risk of exposure and transmission of COVID-19 under the current traffic light level and within the CPF guidelines. The policy will be constantly reviewed and is subject to change as circumstances change.
If you do not wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19, we can put you on a special COVID-19 pause for up to three months. Please e-mail the club if you’d like to take up this option.
To meet the Covid-19 Response Framework/Traffic Light Red status requirements, access to the clubhouse and court bookings will require Admin to verify the details of a members vaccination/exemption certificate or exemption. We recommend everyone wear a face mask within the building.
Once your vaccination pass has been verified by Admin you will gain access through the front door, book a court online and enter club organized events. Our kiosk (located in foyer) will also be fully operational. An email on how to use this will follow.
All non-members visiting the pro shop are asked to show their vaccine pass and scanned for validation. Those that don’t have a pass are served at the front door.
No visitors will be able to enter the building or play tennis as vaccine passes cannot be validated over the Christmas period with the admin office closed at this time.
 Instead, we can offer visitors a Casual membership for $50 a month. This will give visitors a pin number to enter the building and confirm their court booking at the kiosk. They will have access to the courts from 7am to 10pm every day. Casual member will require their vaccine passes to be validated by Admin. 

Tennis Auckland have not confirmed whether interclub players will be required to be vaccinated.
Players will enter and leave the courts via court 4.
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