Club History


Cockle Bay Tennis Club was established in 1974, using the Howick College courts.

In 1988, Manukau City Council supported the club to expand the facilities in light of the rapid residential growth experienced in the area.

The reserve site in Meadowlands Drive was allocated in 1988, and a design concept was developed by the club and approved by the Council.

The Council directed the club to divide the development into stages. Stage 1 was completed in 1993 with only 150 members, providing six floodlit tennis courts and a small clubhouse. 


Cockle Bay Tennis club gained a significant jump in membership resulting from the transfer of members from the disbanding of Macleans Tennis Club (approximately 100 members) in 2009, resulting in a need to build a larger facility to accommodate the increase in membership. In the meantime a further two astro tennis courts were built, giving the club a total of 8 courts.      

The club originally had plans to build an upper level on top of their existing clubroom, however after a meeting with Council it was decided to set up a meeting with Howick Squash, Cockle Bay Tennis and Howick Softball about forming a multisport complex.

$1.6 Million was raised over the next few months and in January 2011 construction of the new complex got under way.

We moved in to the new complex in July 2011.

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