Seniors: A member may invite a visitor to play provided a $10 visitor fee (per person) is paid.

Juniors: Please note a Junior membership does not entitle non-members and parents/siblings to come down and play with them. Should parents wish to play with their children, they are required to pay a visitor’s fee each time or join the club as a member, which gives you more entitlements.

Visitor fees are payable through Hello Club. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the visitor’s fee is paid.

Casual Play: Casual play for non-members can be booked through Hello Club at $25.00 per court per hour. These bookings are only available during non-peak times.

Members are expected to exercise discretion and to not take undue advantage of the right to invite visitors. Member access is monitored on a regular basis and members found to be taking undue advantage will be contacted and asked to settle any outstanding visitor fees or lose the right to bring visitors.

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Casual Monthly Membership: Casual tennis memberships are available for those who do not want to be a full member for a year and want to only have the facility of social play. Membership of $50 is for 1-month paid in advance. You are permitted to bring a visitor to play at a cost of $10 for 1-hour.

Please note however we are a club and although casual members do not have restricted booking times we are required to block-out courts at various times for interclub competitions, club night and any club activities we run. It is therefore strongly recommended that you use book online.

On a casual membership you are not permitted to enter or attend any club activities such as coaching, social club nights, interclub or in-house tournaments