Court Bookings & Availability


Senior members are entitled to use the courts and lights at any time when the facilities are not being used for tournament, interclub or club play Monday to Sunday, 7am to 10pm.

Junior, Intermediate and Junior Associate (Parent) members have use of the courts from 3pm until 6.30pm Monday through Friday, except Public Holidays. Junior members are not able to book courts after 6.30pm via online booking.

Court access is via the main entrance. All members will be able to gain access to the building and courts during pro-shop open hours. Outside of these hours an after hours access tag is required.

Court Booking

MEMBERS – Courts are booked through the online booking system via Members Hello Club Logon for their personal use. Bookings are recorded against the member making the booking

To book a court simply click on the Bookings option, then click on the court, date and time that you wish to book. Bookings are in 30 minute time blocks. You are also able to cancel a booking in a similar way.

There are certain restrictions on booking, for example you cannot book more than 4 blocks (2 hours) in advance and you cannot book more than 8 days in advance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As a courtesy to others that may wish to book courts, if you cannot play please make sure that you delete your booking as soon as possible.

Casual Play

Cockle Bay Tennis Club is available for Casual Play

Casual play for non-members can be booked through Hello Club at $25.00 per court per hour. These bookings are only available during non-peak times.