Junior Coaching

Cockle Bay Tennis Club and Acesports Coaches work together to provide young players (members and non-members) a range of coaching opportunities.

From September to April we officer Junior members Tuesday Match Day and Thursday Coaching on times stated below

Club Members

As part of your club membership, coaching is included for junior members on Thursday afternoons from mid-September through to April the following year during school terms.

BEGINNERS | 3.30-4.30pm
* Red Stage Hot Shots (6-8 years old)
* Orange Stage Hot Shots (9-11 years old)

* Green Stage Hot Shots (10-12 years old)
* Players Graded S12

GRADED INTERCLUB | 5.30-6.30pm
* Graded Players S11 and stronger

* By invitation for junior members who play senior singles interclub.

Non Members

A range of options are available for Non-Members through Acesports at Cockle Bay Tennis.

***Club members receive a discount for Acesport group coaching fees every term.***

Run in all 4 school terms, 8 sessions per term.

Available on Monday, Wednesday & Friday after school and on Saturday mornings.

  • Blue Stage Hot Shots [4-6yrs]
  • Red Stage Hot Shots [6-8yrs]
  • Orange Hot Shots [9-11yrs]
  • Green Hot Shots [10-12yrs]
  • Junior Coaching
  • Performance Coaching

About Hot Shots Coaching

Kids play on smaller courts with modified equipment to make it easier, and more fun to progress. We have lighter racquets, lower nets, and tennis balls that don’t bounce too high – so they are easier to hit and chase down.

Our program develops kids mentally, and physically. A child’s early years are when fine motor skills are developed, and tennis is amazing for developing coordination, speed, strength, and agility.

Tennis Hot Shots is above all – FUN! Kid develop their social and problem-solving skills while playing in a team, and as individuals. Also, they learn how to cope with wins and loses fairly.